A Choice: An Extrovert or an Introvert Tonight?

I often have a dilemma on a Friday or Saturday evening: do I stay at home cuddled up with a book or movie, or do I go out, be social, talk, dance, and laugh? Last weekend I experienced this dilemma particularly intensely.

This is the choice between our introverted side or our extroverted side. For some people it’s an easy choice, since one is more powerful than the other. For me the two are of similar strengths, so the answer is not straightforward.

On Friday, I had spent all day at the university and then done some work. I had a cozy dinner and cuddled up on my couch with a book (yes, I’m still in love with the book I wrote about here). I was supposed to meet my friends at 21.30 (9.30 pm) to go to a karaoke bar, but by the time I had to get ready, my eyes were drooping. I wanted to go to karaoke, I really did. I knew it would be fun. But at that particular moment my whole body was begging me to stay on that couch, under the soft blanket, and keep reading quietly. I listened to that plead. I apologized to my friends and stayed in the comfort of my home, my book, my relaxation. It was such a pleasant evening that I could feel my heart melt.

Then Saturday came. I was supposed to go out with a friend that evening, but he got sick. Suddenly I panicked: I really wanted to go out that night but my plan fell through. I called several other friends, but no one wanted to go out with me. I felt utterly lonely, and I cuddled up on the couch again with my book. It was enjoyable, but I also felt sorry for myself. Then a friend messaged me and invited me to this rock concert. I considered it: it sounded fun, but was I really in the mood for it? I had almost decided not to go, when I thought I’d check out what music the band was going to play at the show. Oh, it was awesome music! With a sudden surge of energy, I got dressed and went to the concert. It was so absorbing to listen to the music and dance! Being there in the crowd, watching the band, and letting the music sink in was so enjoyable. Afterwards my friend and I met some new people and stayed with them for the rest of the night, talking and dancing. This fun evening took me by surprise. The next morning I was smiling.

On Friday evening, I was happy to stay home and indulge in my book, following my introverted side. On Saturday evening, I was glad I got up from my couch and had a night full of music and people, following my extroverted side. Perhaps the balance between the two types of activities made me happy. One day I gratified one part of me, and the next day I appeased another part.

How do we choose when to pursue our introverted side and when to follow our extroverted side? The two evenings I described offered opportunities for both. I was uncertain about what to choose, but I listened to some cues. On Friday evening, I was really tired, so staying home appealed to me more. On Saturday evening, I was lonely and wanted to have fun, so I decided to go out. It’s not really so simple since there are many aspects that we consider before making a decision. But the cues are there, and we just need to tune in and notice which one is most important to us at the moment.

Interestingly, often we’ll be happy either way. Sometimes there is an event happening and you have to go. You might feel tired or in a different mood, but you go anyway. At times this can result in an unpleasant evening. But most often, your mood switches and suddenly you’re enjoying yourself. The extroverted and the introverted side don’t have to be so mutually exclusive. I can switch from one to the other quickly often, adapting to the context. In this way, I don’t need to actually make a decision but I follow the outside world. It can be surprisingly freeing.

The context can often make the decisions for us. We still guide the context, but not so strictly. Perhaps I can choose to go out on one of the weekend evenings and stay home on the other evening, providing myself a nice balance. But on which evening I do which can be left up to friends, events, chance, etc. And when we really have the choice in our hands, like I did last weekend, we can listen to the internal cues. Perhaps this is a good enough heuristic?

One thought on “A Choice: An Extrovert or an Introvert Tonight?

  1. Sum One

    The most important thing for me is learning to not worry about it. Getting over the “grass is greener” syndrome.

    As you said, you’d be happy either way. Unless, that is, you choose to plague yourself with “what ifs”. I like your description of flowing with the moment and not getting worked up about alternative paths that might have been.


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