My name is Mariya Manahova (a.k.a. Marisha), and I am a PhD candidate in cognitive neuroscience. I research how the things we expect to see in the world (e.g., a car in the street) influence our brain activity. It turns out that our perception is highly subjective because it is influenced by many cognitive processes happening in our brains.


I love priorities setting, personal organization, project management, schedules, to do lists, and habits. This stuff gets me very, very excited! I am also fascinated by how different techniques work for different people.

For years now, I’ve been experimenting with different productivity approaches and lifestyle strategies. Here, I share what works for me, what doesn’t, and what I’m trying out at the moment.

Recently, I had a baby, and that taught me a great deal about priorities setting. It taught me to be much more patient and flexible, and it also strongly reinforced my appreciation for routine. Becoming a mother also brought quite some mindset changes and new thoughts about life.

On my blog, I write about all kinds of things from productivity and time management to mindset in motherhood. Take a leap with me and join me on my journey!


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