Your baby doesn’t need much (besides you)

Easily the best baby advice I’ve received because it put me at ease: Your baby doesn’t need much… besides you.

This question drives many moms crazy: When to start preparing for baby?

And the other just as difficult question: How do you know what to get for baby?

Pregnancy is unpredictable

Pregnancy remains unpredictable. Expect that things will take longer than usual.

Plan for extra transition time between activities.

Pregnancy comes with major mindset shifts and lots of worrying…

How to get decent sleep during pregnancy

I’m 34 weeks pregnant, and I’m still sleeping (relatively) well. How do I do it?!

Explaining to my son that “Mom can’t do the same things as before.”

Setting realistic expectations with my son.

Bye bye, pregnancy cravings and aversions!

I had more energy to exercise during the second trimester.

I ate more normally (for me) during the 2nd trimester and said goodbye to cravings & aversions!

I started asking for help from friends in the second trimester.

The second trimester–such a relief!

My tricks for getting more protein in during the first trimester.

Finally, second trimester and lots of energy!

I could finally stick to a schedule again during the second trimester!

First trimester: A gentle schedule?

Establishing a gentle schedule for the first trimester.

My main priority for the first trimester was to rest.

Food cravings and aversions are so tough during the first trimester!

Pregnancy time management is a real thing

Pregnancy time management: Is that even a thing? Oh yes, it is!

Pregnancy is such a unique time in one’s life that it requires a unique type of time management.

The first trimester is my least favorite! Fatigue, nausea, food aversions… Need I say more?

Trying to conceive again after loss

As I mentioned last week, I’m pregnant (now 29 weeks)! We’re very happy about this baby, and we’re hoping everything goes well. Today, I’d like to talk about what it’s been like trying to conceive after a loss.

The losses

We have a three-year-old son, and when we decided to start trying for another baby, we experienced two losses: one at 21 weeks in December 2021, and one at 7 weeks in June 2022. The first loss was devastating. The second one happened early in the pregnancy, so it’s very common (unlike the first one), but it was still sad. And since it came after the first loss, it was extra heavy.

After the first loss, everyone said, “Next time will be fine. You’ll see.” And I hoped that would be true, but it wasn’t, and that made things even more scary next time around.

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