Welcome to A Good Life!

I am Marisha Manahova, PhD, and I coach individuals as well as families on how to design their lives in accordance with their priorities. I usually begin by helping people identify their priorities and set goals. Then, we determine the practical steps and actions that will bring them closer to their goals, and we work on time management and project management.

I also offer help with mindset, as I consider our perception of our world just as important as the actual events.

I hold a PhD in cognitive neuroscience. I researched how the things we expect to see in the world (e.g., a car in the street) influence our brain activity. It turns out that our perception is highly subjective because it is influenced by many cognitive processes happening in our brains.

I love priorities setting, personal organization, project management, schedules, to do lists, and habits. I am also fascinated by how different techniques work for different people. For years now, I’ve been experimenting with different productivity approaches and lifestyle strategies.

Becoming a mother taught me a great deal about priorities. I gained a new appreciation for flexibility and patience, and I came to love routine even more. A also learned a great deal about the importance of shaping my mindset.

If you’re interested in my coaching, contact me at marishacoaching [at] gmail [dot] com.