Your baby doesn’t need much (besides you)

Easily the best baby advice I’ve received because it put me at ease: Your baby doesn’t need much… besides you.

This question drives many moms crazy: When to start preparing for baby?

And the other just as difficult question: How do you know what to get for baby?

Pregnancy is unpredictable

Pregnancy remains unpredictable. Expect that things will take longer than usual.

Plan for extra transition time between activities.

Pregnancy comes with major mindset shifts and lots of worrying…

How to get decent sleep during pregnancy

I’m 34 weeks pregnant, and I’m still sleeping (relatively) well. How do I do it?!

Explaining to my son that “Mom can’t do the same things as before.”

Setting realistic expectations with my son.

Bye bye, pregnancy cravings and aversions!

I had more energy to exercise during the second trimester.

I ate more normally (for me) during the 2nd trimester and said goodbye to cravings & aversions!

I started asking for help from friends in the second trimester.