My baby turns one! One year of motherhood

Last Tuesday, our son William turned one year old. Time really does fly! I’m starting to understand what Gretchen Rubin meant with, “The days are long, but the years are short.”

He is wonderful, fun, crawling all over the place, laughing, biting our noses (it really does hurt!), and always ready for a cuddle. But there’s something else worth celebrating…

A mother and father were born one year ago.

My husband and I became parents for the first time. We have learned a great deal about taking care of another human being and also about each other. I’ve discovered that Jacob can be surprisingly resilient at times when I have no more patience left. That’s amazing because it means that even if I’m spent, he has us covered.

And I also learned that I can (most of the time) understand and anticipate William’s needs and take care of him in a way that makes him feels good. I don’t always know the answer beforehand, but as things unfold, I somehow find answers. While uncertainty can be scary, I find it reassuring to have faith that we will somehow find a way.

A family was born one year ago.

I get the family feeling most strongly when we’re walking down the street with our baby in the stroller or hiking with William in the carrier on Jacob’s chest. It’s lovely to be together! It was still very pleasant when Jacob and I were a couple, but adding a child amplified the fun somehow. I can’t quite explain it, but simple, everyday things are more enjoyable. Even lying on the couch with the three of us feels like a special activity–family cuddle!

Happy birthday to William and happy birthday to our little family!

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