The party continues: Preview the new month

The new month has started. It’s time for the Monthly Preview!

At the beginning of the month, it’s smart to prepare for this month’s spending and unique financial needs.

My personal approach is that I like to remove decision making for a habit via the calendar.

Should you be flexible and adapt, or should you stick to the schedule? Tricky question…

Guilt is an indicator to reflect, not a reason to immediately act.

“Doesn’t budgeting take very long, too long to be worth it?”

I often get asked how much time budgeting takes, realistically speaking. The short answer is that it takes an amount of time that is totally worth it given the money it will save you and the peace of mind it will buy you.

I answered the question practically by breaking down my budgeting routine:

Some more thoughts from this week:

A hierarchy of priorities can help resolve conflicts in the heat of the moment and help you choose wisely.

Create a habit by using accountability.

I prioritize sleep (because it makes everything better), and I often adapt my daily planning according to my sleep needs.

Two things are true: I’m nervous, and I’m excited.

William’s favorite outing: a trip on the train!

We are doing meal prep, and these are William’s lunches for the week (Monday-Wednesday).