Don’t Wish the Time away

William is asleep.
The sun is setting.
I’m picking up toy after toy,
revisiting the day.

Ah, how sweet he was,
playing with his bottles,
setting them in a row,
slamming the lids on top.

Now I take each bottle
and set it back in the box.
Oh, dear bottles!
You also need a rest.

I discover three lego blocks in the trash–
I wonder who put them there?
I rinse them and set them aside to dry.
They will be ready for tomorrow.

Hidden among the cleaning supplies,
I discover William’s blankie.
Here it is!
I’ve been looking everywhere!

I tiptoe to William’s room
and set the blankie in his sleeping hands.
He mumbles something
and snuggles his little nose against it.

One day, without my help,
he will put his toys away.
What a relief!
How much longer until then?

Then, a pang of sadness.
That day will come all too soon.

Don’t wish the time away.

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